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To an artist, art is the wings that help him/ her fly over different spaces. In Smartista, we strive to find the ideal art space where such wings grow and flourish.

App Features

  • Smartista

    is an interactive platform among artists where art interests are shared. Questions and their replies related to art can be sent and received including the publishing of art-related articles and ideas.

  • Jobs

    platform offers available art job opportunities.

  • Tickets

    Tickets of various courses, events and workshops related to art can be booked through the platform.

  • Art Map

    The app supports a map that shows more than a thousand arthouses from around the globe. It starts from the Arab world and covers the world’s most popular destinations; Paris, NY and London.

  • Events Calendar

    There is also a calendar, from which, the app shows dates of artistic events and activities with reminder and notification set.

  • Smartista Galleria

    Now you can invest in artworks by rendering them to interested customers where Smartista ensures a safe buy-and-sell process.

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